Elephant in Thailand


Elephant in Thailand

Episode 1

  Last Friday night, there was something happen in the intersection of central Bangkok. People may have known what was happened there though the night was quite different from the other day …

To tell the truth, I have never expected the government would do this ‘this early’ (Actually I have known they would do that, but not this early since people only do ‘the real protest’ for not over a month or even 10 times yet. Also, they do not have any weapon or violence in the action.) Nevertheless, they did it. THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. They used water cannons laced with blue dye and tear gas against them who are ‘mostly high school and college students.’ I felt unspeakable sadness mixed with anger with many Thai people who fought with it.

On that day, I was having dinner with my friends as we do every Friday night,  but then I could not feel anything at all. I did not know if the food was good or even what we had. What I knew is that it was too painful for me to see how the polices (who claim themselves that they are the protectors for people) were hurting people because ‘their boss’ told them to do. What a useful how our money is used for us.

Until midnight on the day, contrary to the feelings of the people, the city was regaining tranquility. The sadness, resentment, or tension of losing place were overflowing on SNS. We knew that this was not the ending of the story so, there were some day…
















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