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1. Recruiting

Our recruiting process is including utilising staff capability in 1year.

  • Get information: Organization, vision, position, culture, conditions, MD or people who work with.
  • Searching : Using data banks, own data base or LinkedIn etc.
  • Screening : 2types of phycological test, language test, personalty test and phone interview.
  • Arrangement interview : Preparing for whole interview processes.
  • Preparation : Preparing for whole process to join.
  • Follow up : Providing 4 times coaching and coaching report after joining the organization.

2. Coaching

For MD, managers or staff depending on each goal and period.

  • Identifying : Defining the goal, period and phycological types.
  • Coaching : Depending on service types.

3. Capability Analysis

Gathering quantitative and qualitative data from phycological tests and interviews to get best way to perform or manage.

4. Consulting Delivery

Facilitating organization development consulting. It’s about 6 months to 1 year cycle depending on purposes.

5. Company Set up

Including getting Visa and Work Permit services, Accounting support in Thailand, Singapore or Japan.