Recruiting / Head Hunting

ビジネス, 契約, ラップトップ, 作業, ネットワークの利用方法, 通信

1. Introducing – Matching

Providing not only candidate’s resume but also other personal capability or background by our original screening for the best ability matching and long term employment.


2types of Phycological tests : Get to know the strengths and the best way of management types

EQ : Emotional types for improving human skills

Carrier Vision : To know inner incentive 

2. Follow up – Coaching and Performance Report

Following-up for all candidates in every once a 3 months to find the solution of potential problems or to develop his/her belongingness to the organization.


Individual ability : Getting original strengths and how to utilize them to the organization

Personnel System : To report how staff understand it  

Organization culture : To analyze or promote the organization culture

3. Suggesting – Consulting

Suggesting a consulting plan through follow-up interview (2.) with based on organization condition data.


Human Resources Development

Organization Development

4. Measuring Result

Scaling organization condition before and after consulting services with follow-up suggestions.


Consulting report